Limestone Spreading/Dirt Leveling

Replenish and Reinvigorate Your Landscape

Choose Harry Gary’s Lawn Service of Lafayette, LA for your lawns needs.

Are the plants in your yard discolored or stunted? Are lumps in your yard causing problems for your foundation? Harry Gary’s Lawn Service is here to restore and refresh your landscape!

For years, we’ve helped residential and commercial customers with their landscaping needs with our numerous amount of services. We specialize in limestone spreading and dirt leveling, both highly beneficial for the prosperity of your lawn. Get in touch with our specialists today to arrange a time for your lawn service.

The Curb appeal your home needs!

The Curb appeal your home needs!

Harry Gary’s lawn Service will take great care of your lawn and give you just the right amount of curb appeal. Turn to our landscapers for:

  • Limestone spreading
  • Dirt leveling
  • Mowing and edging
  • Weed eating and trimming
  • Cleanups and routine services
Limestone spreading can alleviate high levels of acidity and replenish your soil with nutrients. If you’ve noticed discolored grass and plants, limestone can help bring new life to your soil, while also repelling slugs, wireworms and other pests.

Dirt leveling can prevent a host of problems with your landscape. Harry Gary’s Lawn Service can take your poorly graded lawn and get rid of lumps and bumps that have developed over time. This can help with irrigation problems, foundation issues and other problems.

Don’t sit and stare at a discolored, patchy and unimpressive landscape. Work with Harry Gary’s Lawn Service and revive your lawn today.